The most popular online bingo games

75 Ball Bingo

The 75 Ball bingo card has 5 vertical and 5 horizontal rows, with the letters B-I-N-G-O on the top. Random numbers are assigned vertically under each letter. Five numbers between 1 to 15 are placed under column B, between 15 to 30 under I, between 31 to 45 under N, between 46 to 60 under G and between 61 to 75 under column O. The numbers are being called out as “B3” or “N37” or “O70”.

It is called 75 Ball Bingo since there are 75 possible numbers being called out. The 75 Ball Bingo card has 24 free spaces (and one bland in the middle). There are hundreds of possible patterns in 75 Ball Bingo, but the most popular pattern is the “Coverall” where as the name reveals – the goal is to cover all squares of the bingo card. This is also the pattern that usually gives the highest cash out prizes.

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball Bingo has only three horizontal lines and nine vertical rows, and the goal is to mark all of the squares of one, two or three of the horizontal lines.  Five fields in each row contains a number from 1-90, while the remaining fields are blank. 90 Ball Bingo is seen as more difficult in comparison with the 75 Ball Bingo game and takes a little bit more time since the game has three possible winner patterns. The winning pattern is always the same in 90 ball bingo and it’s usually three in each game:

1. A horizontal line.
2. A pair of horizontal lines.
3. Full house – three full lines.

No matter if you are American or Australian, Swedish or Spanish – both bingo types are just as simple to learn and equally fun! Try them out today!