Mecca Bingo hits Bingo Jackpot with Full House clubs

Rank Interactive, the gaming group behind bingo giants Mecca Bingo, have announced that their traditional bingo halls have seen a rise in new players – for the first time in a decade.

The bingo comeback is being attributed to their new Full House clubs, which feature a sexy new type of bingo game with glow sticks and virtual bingo boards. Some Mecca Bingo clubs now have Rock and Roll bingo and karaoke, which were introduced in a bid to attract younger players to the clubs.

Mecca Bingo spent £4million improving their bingo halls and as a result the average age of the players is now in the early 50s in the daytime, dropping to the mid 40s in the evening; which just goes to show that bingo is definitely not just for old dears with a purple rinse.

Mecca Bingo boss, Ian Burke, said that “Investing in new concepts has paid off” as the group reported a rise in admissions, up to 300,000 every week.

The land based bingo business has been majorly affected in the past few years – first by the smoking ban and then by the increased taxes, which led to the closing of many bingo halls. But now it looks like the brains behind Mecca Bingo are finally bringing traditional bingo back to the forefront of entertainment here in the UK.

By collaborating with huge TV names like Britain’s Got Talent and the support of celebrities like comedian James Corden, it’s no wonder bingo is becoming even more popular.

It’s good news for online Mecca Bingo players as well though, as the Rank Group revealed that the Mecca online bingo website will be getting a major overhaul before the end of 2010, to help the quality of the site match up to its mammoth reputation.